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55,000 twitter accounts hacked/passwords revealed

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I am a full time National Voice Actor that relies on my PC for my livelihood. I brought my machine to James and he got me back up and running same day, saving me time, money and clients. Let me give you some advice. If you are a professional, then deal with a professional. Don’t waste your time with people that think they’re techs simply because they’re “good with computers”. Go to James and get it done right.
John McCann
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Congratulations to ” The Carpet Market “

They will be advertising with us at Booth 41 along with Backwoods Audio, Zacks Motors Inc, Bubble Town Smoke Shop and More!  

Congratulations to ” Best Western Blue Angel Inn ”

For taking advantage of our 24/7 Services for Local Business.  

It’s another beautiful day on the Gulf Coast…

and Quality service is going to be out enjoying it while we handle appointments today.
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If you havn’t logged into your Google+ account recently….

…the next time you do you’ll find the site has gone through a remodeling, bringing more towards a facebook-like look, with links now on the left side of the page. What’s your take on the new look? Are you still using Google+ and if you are, do you use it more or less than Facebook at this point?

Forgotten but not gone, MPAA head still hopes for agreement on SOPA

In a great moment of unity, the internet came together and made many senators stop their support of SOPA. But the bill was only delayed, and the current head of the MPAA is still fighting for support of SOPA for it’s next round through congress.

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